• What : Mahabodhi Metropolitan Centre, New Delhi is an office of MIMC specially in the winter when Ladakh is almost cut off from the rest of India and a place for the various important activities of the MIMC.
  • Why : In this ultra fast-paced and materialistic world, humanity is afflicted by unprecedented levels of stress and turmoil, leading to increased levels of resentment, depression and suicide, especially amongst the metropolitan population. Since no direct flights are available to Leh, this branch also acts as a transit point for the visiting guests of MIMC from overseas countries.
  • When : Hence, to offer an ideal place for slowing down the agitated mind and establishing mental solace for those dwelling in the urban metropolis of Delhi, the Mahabodhi Metropolitan Centre, New Delhi was established in.
  • How : For the past 3 years, the centre has offered meditation courses, supplemented with yoga sessions, to people from all walks of life. Mahabodhi students also use the centre as a place to live while they pursue their academic studies in different schools and colleges in Delhi. Besides their own studies, these students also help in receiving and seeing-off guests en route to and from Ladakh, as well as fulfilling many urgent requirements of the main centre in Ladakh.
  • Where: It is our wish to have a suitable place to conduct larger scale meditation courses in Delhi.


  • What : Mahabodhi Metropolitan Centre, Chandigarh is a branch center of Mahabodhi International Meditation Center - Ladakh.
  • Why : With Chandigarh being an important center of learning, with a number of prestigious educational institutions, numerous students from Ladakh opt to continue their studies in this city, which is also one of the most well planned in the country and is favored by many well-known intellectuals.
  • When : In 2011, a meditation center and girls' hostel were inaugurated in the city, recognizing the growing need for such facilities.
  • How : At present, nearly 40 female students reside in the hostel, enabling them to pursue their higher studies in different schools and colleges within the Chandigarh city. The girls have the opportunity to participate in daily morning prayer, meditation and listening to spiritual discourses at the meditation center, which is adjacent to the girls' hostel. The meditation center is also attended by many intellectuals and other students from within the city, all seeking solace and to listen to spiritual discourses.
  • Where: Besides continuing to support the girls' educational plans through the Mahabodhi Padmaloka Girls' Hostel, it is also our wish to continue to organize short and long term meditation courses in Chandigarh.


  • What :
  • Why : Jammu is the neighboring region of Ladakh, and Jammu city acts as the state's capital city during the winter months. As a consequence of low cost travel from Ladakh and the fact that the city is the site of a number of higher education institutions, thousands of students from Ladakh choose to continue their studies in Jammu city.
  • When : Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasena felt the need to open a meditation centre for those seeking solace in this vibrant city, and also a home for those Ladakhi students pursuing their higher education in Jammu. Hence, in this regard, the Mahabodhi Metropolitan Centre, Jammu was established in.
  • How : Since its establishment, numerous students have decided to travel to Jammu city to pursue their higher education studies. At present, the students live in various friendly guest houses and rented rooms. The centre holds meditation courses for these Ladakhi students, as well as for the local populace of Jammu city.
  • Where: We wish to develop our own facility to conduct meditation courses, as well as constructing a proper hostel for the senior students who are pursuing their higher studies in Jammu city.